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6th Tech is It! Day

May 14, 2009

Welcome to Tech is IT! Day AKA Tech Day 2009!

Registration Process & Worksheet
Program Schedules
Program Descriptions for Workshop Session 1 & 2


[ Also see the 6th Tech is It! Day Brochure in .pdf format. ]


Theme: Where Is Your Library Going in the 21st Century?
Tech Trend; Open Source; Web 3.0; Gaming...
Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009
Time: Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:45—9:30am.
Program 9:30am— 3:30pm.
Place: Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus:
Scholarly Communications Center (SCC) at Alexander Library (Sign-in) &
The School of Communication, Information and Library Studies (SCILS)
Transportation: Please park in the College Avenue Deck (Directions) located right next to the Alexander Library building. All Tech Day attendees will NOT need a parking permit for the event. Find the Alexander Library building and directions information at: http://maps.rutgers.edu/building.aspx?id=17
Parking should be a snap because Rutgers’ classes are out that day.
Cost: $50 (includes admission, light breakfast and lunch)
CEUs: 5 hours of CEUs available

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Registration begins Monday, March 23, 9:00am.
Maximum Registration — 100.

ALL registrations are by phone. When you call to register you will be asked which workshops you plan to attend. Tickets will be issued at the conference site for the workshops and only those with tickets can be admitted. Please see the full registration process as below:

1. Review the Workshop Descriptions in their time slots.
2. Note your first and second choices using the Registration Worksheet form. You’ll be asked to choose your workshops when you call to register
3. CALL the INFOLINK office to register. Only phone registrations will be accepted. NOTE: Please do not leave a message. Instead, speak to an INFOLINK staff member and receive a confirmation number.
4. After registering by phone, send your $50 payment, voucher/PO with your confirmation number to: INFOLINK, Suite 330, 44 Stelton Rd., Piscataway, NJ 08854

Call 732-752-7720 or 866-505-5465 to Register!

(Information that we need when you CALL to register)

[ Also see the 6th Tech is It! Day Brochure in .pdf format. ]

Your Name: ___________________________________________

Your Library: ___________________________________________

Your Phone #: ___________________________________________

Your Email Address: ______________________________________

Your Fax #: _____________________________________________

Your Workshop Choice:

1st Choice - Title: _____________________ Class Code: S:   T:   P:   
2nd Choice - Title: ____________________  Class Code: S:   T:   P:   

1st Choice - Title: _____________________ Class Code: S:   T:   P:   
2nd Choice - Title: ____________________  Class Code: S:   T:   P:   

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8:45—9:30am Registration and Continental Breakfast
(Location: Scholarly Communication Center, 4th Floor Alexander Library)

9:30 - 9:45am Welcome and Overview
(Location: Scholarly Communication Center, Teleconference/Lecture Hall, Alexander Library)

10:00 - 11:15am Workshop: Session 1
11:30am - 12:45pm Workshop: Session 2
(Locations: SCC and SCILS Bldgs.)

12:45 - 1:45pm Lunch
(Location: SCILS Student Lounge)

2:00 - 3:00pm Keynote by Marshall Breeding
(Location: Scholarly Communication Center, Teleconference/Lecture Hall, Alexander Library)

3:00 - 3:30pm

Goodbyes, Thank You, and
GREAT Door Prizes
(Must be Present to Win)

(Location: Scholarly Communication Center, Teleconference/Lecture Hall, Alexander Library)

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for Workshop Session 1 & 2

Pick one for each time slot (but have a 2nd choice ready).
Then, use the Registration Worksheet form
before you call to register.

- Moderators are members of the INFOLINK Technology Committee.
- SCC: Scholarly Communication Center, 4th Fl. Alexander Library.
- SCILS: Building of the School of Communication,
              Information and Library Studies.

Workshops: Session 1
10:00 am—11:15 am

Track 1: Open Source

TITLE:  Drupal in Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Web 2.0 technologies promise to streamline your web management and provide your patrons with new ways to experience and connect with your library. Come explore Drupal, an open-source content management framework that provides the power and flexibility to transform your library's web presence. In this discussion session (not hands on), we will be looking at the buzz around Drupal, how it is being used across a variety of libraries and what it can do for you.
PRESENTER: Christopher Harris, author of the Infomancy blog, is the Coordinator of the School Library System for Genesee Valley BOCES, an educational services agency that supports the libraries of 22 small, rural districts in Western NY. In addition to his writing on Infomancy, he is a regular technology columnist for School Library Journal talking about "The Next Big Thing". Along with Andy Austin, Christopher wrote an ALA TechSource Library Technology Reports issue on using the open source Drupal content management framework in libraries published in 2008. Christopher was a participant in the first American Library Association Emerging Leaders program in 2007, and was honored as a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2008.
MODERATOR: Barbara Laub, Maplewood Memorial Lib.
TITLE:  OPALS-NA—History and Future of An Open Source ILS
DESCRIPTION: This course chronicles the history of a successful open source integrated library system. The presenter will explore the origins of OPALS-NA (Open source Automated Library System - North America), how regional library directors collaborated to describe the system that they needed to improve union catalog and interlibrary loan services then identified and worked with software engineers to achieve their objectives and journeyed further to manage circulation, cataloging, federated searching and many other library management functions. The seminar will examine how open source partners managed setbacks and successes, and how these experiences became opportunities to identify and assemble the support and development framework that is essential for open source applications that libraries use to serve the public. An online overview of the OPALS-NA integrated library system and its functions will be woven into a dialog that will encourage questions and discussion about a program that is used by libraries in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.
PRESENTER: Harry Chan, Media Flex Inc. Harry has served the library community through his companies since 1969 and his firm developed one of the earliest PC-based, MARC-based integrated library systems that is still in use in a few thousand libraries around the world. His current projects support OPALS-NA (Open-source Automated Library System-North America) initiatives, semantic Web research and integrated library resource-information literacy curriculum integration.
MODERATOR: Julie Walsh, Westfield HS Library
Track 2: Keep It Current with Technologies
TITLE:  NJ State Library Updates
DESCRIPTION: Updates on Jersey Connects and State Library technology issues.
PRESENTER: Bob Keith is Technologist at the New Jersey State Library's Library Development Bureau. Bob travels around the state visiting libraries and assisting them with their technology needs. He is also the coordinator for the federal E-rate program for New Jersey. Furthermore, Bob is the State Library liaison to the INFOLINK and HRLC tech committees.
MODERATOR: Jenny Tong, East Orange PL
TITLE:  Web 2.0, What’s Next?
DESCRIPTION: The term Web 2.0 has been bandied about by all industries for the last several years – so what's next? Is there a Web 3.0? What does it look like? Are we there yet, or are we still working with Web 2.0? There are so many questions floating around in the technology world about the future of the web and where we're going next. This workshop will re-define Web 2.0 and show some examples of how libraries are using it successfully. Then we'll delve into what the future holds. This workshop will define microformats, the semantic web and more. Attendees will leave with enough information to continue their research on the future of the web within their own libraries.
PRESENTER: Nicole Engard has been published in several library journals and keeps the library community up to date on web technologies via her website "What I Learned Today..." (www.web2learning.net). In 2007, Nicole was named one of Library Journal's Movers & Shakers.
MODERATOR: Allan Kleiman, South Plainfield PL
TITLE:  From Zero to Podcast
DESCRIPTION: Ever wonder what the big deal is with podcasting? Want to know how to get started? In this presentation, Jason Griffey will show you the tools and tricks to producing your own podcasts. From choosing the right microphone to software options to publishing your audio online, Jason will walk you through how to get your audio out into the world. If you are already podcasting, Jason will give tricks and tips that will help get the word out and increase your subscriptions.
PRESENTER: Jason Griffey is currently the Head of Library Information Technology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His latest book, Library Blogging, written with Karen A Coombs, is available now from Linworth Press and can be ordered through Amazon and other fine retailers. His primary online residence is Pattern Recognition (www.jasongriffey.net/wp), his personal and professional blog, which has been active since 2003. He is an administrator and author for LITABlog (www.litablog.org), and is also a columnist for the ALA Techsource blog (www.ts.ala.org/blogs/jason-griffey). He is the current co-chair of the LITA interest group BIGWIG, and is one of the organizers of the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase. He also is serving as chair of the LITA program planning committee for 2008-2010. He can be contacted online at griffey@gmail.com, or follow him on twitter@griffey. 
MODERATOR: Allen McGinley, Piscataway PL
ROOM: SCC Lecture Hall

Workshops: Session 2
11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Track 1: Open Source

TITLE:  Open Source for Libraries: The Koha ILS
DESCRIPTION: In this demo, Nicole C. Engard, Koha Documentation Manager, will cover both the customer and staff experience with the Koha ILS. This short demo will give attendees a good feel for how both customers and staff interact with the system. It will also point out ways to participate in the Koha community to better future releases of the product.
PRESENTER: Nicole Engard
PANELS: Dianne Hall, East Brunswick PL & Jane Stanley, Highland Park PL
MODERATOR: Jerry Holtz, Woodbridge PL
TITLE:  Next Generation OPAC: Library OPAC Meets Web 2.0
DESCRIPTION: Contemporary libraries need state-of-the-art software to make their collections and services visible and attractive to web users accustomed to the one stop-shopping aspects of Google and the customer-oriented features of commercial sites, such as Amazon. VuFind, an open-source resource discovery portal developed for libraries by libraries, has harnessed the power of contemporary web search technology and enables users to query and browse the library's resources in a simple, yet sophisticated, manner.
PRESENTER: Andrew Nagy, Senior Discovery Services Engineer at Serials Solutions, is the founder and lead developer of VuFind, an open source library discovery application. Currently at Serials Solutions, he is a member of the engineering team for Summon™, a unified discovery service. He has been working in a research and development role in the library technology profession for over 5 years and as a software developer for 10 years. He holds a masters degree in Technology Management and a masters degree in Computer Science.
MODERATOR: Lisa Florio, INFOLINK Tech Committee
Track 2: Keep It Current with Technologies
TITLE: INFOLINK Gaming Service
DESCRIPTION: Now you can borrow INFOLINK gaming kits to offer your own gaming programs to your customers. Attend this information session to hear all about the INFOLINK Gaming Service and try fun games!
PRESENTERS: INFOLINK Tech Committee & Gaming Task Force: Allen McGinley, Piscataway PL; Allan Kleiman, South Plainfield PL; Bob Keith, NJ State Library; Jerry Holtz, Woodbridge PL; Julie Walsh, Westfield HS Lib.
TITLE:  Emerging Search Technologies
DESCRIPTION: Grokker, Mahalo, and Cuil. They're search engines, not a law firm. The world of search is constantly changing, with new services and technologies emerging all the time. This presentation will explore some of the newest trends in finding information and demonstrate some search tools beyond the usual suspects.
PRESENTER: Wayne Bivens-Tatum is a General & Humanities Reference Librarian and the Philosophy and Religion Selector at the Princeton University Library.
MODERATOR: Judy Jeng, New Jersey City Univ.  Lib.
TITLE:  Moving pictures: videocasting and streaming
DESCRIPTION: In this presentation, Jason will cover the how's and why's of video on the internet, and how you can leverage tools similar to those used in podcasting to get your videos out and on the web. From hardware to software, Jason will walk you through the steps necessary to start your own video blog, and look at the tools necessary to produce great looking videos. We'll also look at examples of streaming video on the web, and how that can enhance your services.
PRESENTER: Jason Griffey
MODERATOR:Julie Walsh, Westfield HS Library
ROOM: SCC Lecture Hall
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2:00 - 3:00pm
Location: Teleconference/Lecture Hall
Scholarly Communications Center, Alexander Library

The Open Source Landscape

By Marshall Breeding

Interest in open source software has shifted into high gear with the emergence of multiple viable options, even reaching into the ILS realm. Breeding provides an overview of the recent developments in the open source movement in the library automation arena, describes some of the current products and projects underway, and gives some perspective on this alternative versus the commercial, closed source products. He discusses some of the issues that libraries should keep in mind if they are considering implementing an open source automation system and shares his view on how the open source movement will impact the commercial library automation industry.

Speaker Bio:

Marshall Breeding is the Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University and serves as the Executive Director of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive.  Breedng is the creator of the Library Technology Guides website (www.librarytechnology.org) and the lib-web-cats online directory of libraries (www.librarytechnology.org/libwebcats).  

He writes a monthly column for Computers in Libraries, is a contributing editor for Smart Libraries Newsletter published by ALA Techsource, has written the Automation System Marketplace feature published in Library Journal for the last 7 years, has written 7 issues of Library Technology Reports, is on the editorial boards for Information Standards Quarterly published by NISO and Electronic Library.  He has edited or authored five books.

He is a frequent speaker at library conferences, throughout the United States and internationally, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  He speaks on issues involving many aspects of library technology and the library automation industry.

Warm thanks to the INFOLINK Technology Committee under Jerry Holtz, Woodbridge Public Library, Chair, and to our hosts, the Rutgers University Libraries and the Rutgers School of Communication, Information and Library Studies!

INFOLINK, 44 Stelton Road, Suite 330, Piscataway NJ 08854
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